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Magnetic Dentistry

"Helping Dental Clinics At Any Growth Stage Get To The Next Level In Cash Flow Generation"
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Welcome to Magnetic Dentistry! The all-in-one, done for you marketing & sales system that takes your dental operation to the next level in terms of revenue, ROI, and results! These 3 components is all that matters to your organization and all that matters to our specialist team of growth hackers.

What really produces the meat of results, is focusing on 1 of your main growth goals at a time, and crushing them. -Then on to the next one!

Metrics like production between a clinics dentists and hygienists, and more importantly collections are what motivate us to get up in the morning. Your goal is to provide an excellent experience to every single patient who walks through your doors, to be the most competent practitioner in the market, and to get compensated for your efforts. Put the patient first, but also ensure you’re team and clinic are thriving. There needs to be a balance in these 2 areas to set your self up for success. Let us focus on the business building side of the equation, and you focus on what’s happening within your practice.


 We have a proprietary system that works as a growth machine for your clinic(s).

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Magnetic Dentistry

Reach Your Goals & Then Some With Our Proprietary Dental Breakthrough Marketing & Sales Strategy

Patient Referral Systems

See The True Power Of What Referral Loyalty Programs Can Do To Continually 2x or 3x Your Patient List & Network

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Our Patient Referral Systems Help Dental Clinics Gain & Duplicate Patients For Life”
  • Your existing database is one of the most valuable assets under your nose to grow your patient list substantially.
  • We know how to leverage it and create a loop of referrals that will come in.
  • With our HIPAA compliance (USA), or our PIPEDA  compliance (Canada) confidentiality agreements, we ensure your patient list is safe through highly encrypted communication transfers back and forth. Just like how a financial institution sends information, money, and other data sets back and forth through their channels. In our Agreement, you also have all rights and ownership of everything we create for you. YOU OWN ALL THE DATA AND ALL WORK COMPLETED FROM OUR END. -We work through integrity and long term relationships. Nothing is more valuable to us.

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Patient Retention Systems

Keep Your New & Existing Patients For The Long Haul. Increasing The Lifetime Value Per Patient

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Our Out-Of-The-Box Patient Retention Systems Are The Sure Way To Maintain & Stabilize New Growth:
  • Grow, impress ,retain, repeat. It’s time tested fundamentals of expanding. Then It’s on to your next goal.
  • Nothing matters if you’re gaining new patients and losing existing ones. If this is happening your clinic is on a hamster wheel and needs to get out of this trap.
  • Build rapport, get personal with your patients, make a connection that lasts a lifetime

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Customer Experience & Relations(PR)

We Help You Measure & Improve Your Relationships With Your Patients To Ensure They Are Always In Good Standing With Your Clinic

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The Importance Of Making A Real Personal Connection With Your Patients Is Highly Overlooked. Powerful, But Overlooked.
  • You must pay attention to how your patients perceive you, because this is the reason people come back and why they would ever refer you to anyone in their network. When they think oral health, you want them to feel that you’re their home. We aid in this speciality. Trust us with this important component.
  • We not only cover the scope of your patients, but we cover your public relations for future potential patients that learn about your presence for their dental needs.
  • If you don’t have a strong reputation with your local market, then you will be losing all traction and momentum that is crucial to succeed. Magnetic Dentistry will handle this area of your business, so you have nothing to worry about.

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Don’t Compete, DOMINATE!!!

Be The Dental Authority In Your Market & Take A Larger Share Of The Pie

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We Will Change The Rules Of The Game & Make Sure You Are Differentiating Your Position In The Market
  • In every industry there is a rule of thumb. That 10% of the players are making 90% of the Prosperity. This is nothing but true in dentistry as well.
  • Many clinics fail to realize that how you position yourself in your market will ultimately decide how your brand is perceived by the end consumer or patients abroad. Enticing them to join your cause, or repelling them away. We are . experts in this arena. Let us help you win!
  • We craft this process with you as we delve into our relationship and the goal is to make sure you stand unique and alone in your message to your target market.
  • Magnetic Dentistry deeply understands economics, the markets, and how it applies absolutely in the Dental Arena. You are in the best hands that care about your success, because it is in our best interest. An advantageous relationship is the reason we operate.

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Patient Acquisition

Be found everywhere consumers are looking

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Our Unique Patient Acquisition System Creates You A Predictable Flow Of New Patient Growth Every Month:
  • We figure out where actively looking patients are gathering online & strategically persuade them that you’re the only option
  • The Magnetic Dentistry leaders have many years of marketing and sales expertise to gather great response from potential patients in your market.
  • Your life line and continued success cycle depends on your ability to grow your clinics tribe/ community.

(323) 601-5059

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